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The main objective of the leaving care service is to promote independent living whilst encouraging young people into work, training or education, voluntary work, taking care of their individual health needs, building confidence and self-esteem, accessing leisure opportunities, managing conflict resolution and relationships with their peers. Our work is also holistically based and tailored to meet the individual needs of each young person.

Young people who live with us will be encouraged to make positive choices and we will actively encourage them to find solutions to everyday problems. We will also consistently remind our young people about how their different choices may affect their futures, so that they have the necessary information which will hopefully encourage them to make positive well-informed decisions.

The leaving care service will offer a continuum of accommodation over different levels. At the heart of the project will be a group living accommodation, offering three to four bedrooms with associated communal living spaces. Here, the emphasis will focus very much on needs-led services, starting with a comprehensive assessment from which a programme is drawn up and agreed with the young person and will all those with key roles in her or his life.

This programme brings together a number of key elements, including life and social skills, education, training, and experiential learning, all building towards the eventual goal of having their own tenancy. The level of support provided to each young person will be determined by the assessed, expressed and identified needs, and is individually assessed. However, with a pre-determined and agreed level of staff involvement together with access to emergency cover as and when required, advice and assistance will always be close at hand.

When it is agreed with Young Person and those responsible for their support that they are ready, they will be supported to move into an independent house in the community a short distance away from the group living accommodation.

This may be a single or shared occupancy, dependent on need and aspirations. Both programmed support and ad-hoc visits will be provided, and further support and assistance will still be only a short distance away. Living in this location away from the man residence gives Young People opportunities to experience independent living, and to generalize skills acquired in wider and realistic daily living situations.

The service also supports some young people who have been assessed to live independently and accommodation is sourced with a support package as agreed by their social worker.

Once the young person achieves the goal of their own tenancy, then we will continue to offer supportand ongoing mentoring to ensure that the young person can with this guidance, safely and successfully manage their own lives.