• Supporting young people who are leaving care
  • Managing the Transition from being “Looked After” to independent Living
  • Enhancing Lives, Improving Life Chances

Transition 360 – – supports Young People from care to Independent Living.

Transition 360 has been specifically established to move young people who had been in care (fostering & residential) to living independently by providing the right support and resources to minimise the risk of an unsuccessful transition.

Research published by Barnardo’s in 2014 (“The costs of not caring”) proves that Young People are often placed in unsuitable accommodation such as run-down Bed and Breakfast provision, with “Unrealistic” expectations as to how well they can cope alone.

Transition 360 aims to reverse this trend by giving the right care and guidance to young people so that they can achieve their potential in all aspects of life.

We will provide support and assistance in accessing – as appropriate – education, training, and/or employment.

We will assist by providing or sourcing suitable accommodation, with an appropriate and decreasing level of support individually tailored around the needs of each individual.

We will incorporate into the support package any specific training required to help the young person to cope, including – as required – cooking, cleaning, home hygiene, personal hygiene, budgeting skills, healthy living skills, or any other skill deficits.

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