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Who We Are

Who We Are 2018-09-28T06:08:15+00:00

We Launched in 2015

Prior to establishing Transition 360 and creating the network we have today, We identified a problem where the system was struggling to manage young people transitioning from the care system into independent living especially those with complex behaviours.

Often susceptible to taking drugs, mental health problems, CSE and even gang activity, there was an opportunity to guide and support young people aged 16-18 through this too common journey.

We launched our leaving care service in July 2015 with the objective to provide accommodation and support to vulnerable young people between the ages of 16-18. We provide a high level of intense support to young people thus preparing them for independent living by ensuring agreed outcomes are achieved when they leave our service.

An Incredible Milestone

In March 2016 we expanded our service in Lancashire and opened our first semi-independent accommodation in Burnley. We were able to continue equipping our young people for independence whilst at the same time offering them a supported communal living environment in which to learn, grow, make mistakes and talk through day to day issues.

The residential accommodation has and continues to be a huge success and has supported a large volume of young people making their transition to independent living.

We’re Continuing To Grow

Transition 360 has helped to transform the lives of many young people who’ve grown in support of our residential guidance services.

Our ability to make a difference in the local community has continued to fuel our passion and we have since launched additional accommodation in Preston. This is a fantastic achievement that’s allowed us to support more young people.

We’re continuing to grow and to help make the transition from care to independent living easier for young people. You can inspire and  become a part of this process too, we’re actively looking for more team members.