Welcome to the online home of Transition 360, an organisation grown out of compassion and concern for those people who, not from choice, are left on the fringes of society, people who can turn their lives around if given the support and encouragement to develop and deploy the skills and tools that are necessary for change.

We provide a wide range of programme options, all of which are available to everyone.

All those who come to us are encouraged to choose for themselves which options to follow, as a first stage in taking positive control of their lives and lifestyles.

All of our activity and learning options are specifically designed to help each participant to identify strengths and personal areas for development, and to work towards a more positive lifestyle with opportunities for community interaction and involvement. The programmes are based around 3 key areas:

  • Work, training, education - or some other meaningful daytime activity
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Domestic living and home life
Supported by comprehensive training and development of social and life skills.